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Prodir QS Stone – more mineral, less plastic

PRODIR QS STONE – THE AMAZING MINERAL PEN When the Swiss designers from Prodir – the renowned writing tool company – created the new QS Stone ballpoint pen, their main goal was to obtain a material that would use as little plastic as possible. The new material has minerals that have replaced up to 60% […]

Sport and brand promotion

It`s easy to understand why the impact of promotional products in sports it`s a more interesting matter during an important sports competition, such as European Football Championship. Our suggestions aim brands directly involved in organising sports competitions, as much as those who try to stand by their employees and business partners by promoting sport, health, […]

Redefine your brand identity with the New Identity Pen from Prodir

  Promotionals are the most convenient messenger for brand identity. Prodir stays committed to create writing instruments which reflects brand`s personality. The new 2018 model – DNA The new identity pen – multiplies the combinations available by partitioning the pen`s body in 4 components with different materials, colours and textures.     This extremely versatile […]

Protect the environment: customizable disposable cups

          One of the companies` principles often mentioned in the last few years is the one of considerate and protect the environment in all their business stages. Choosing to advertise the brand with promotional products who openly support this principle, is a big step towards the brand commitment to environmental conservation. One […]

Moleskine – a brand for important projects

 Updated in September 2019 Moleskine is a well-known and popular notebook brand all over the world. It’s natural for your important campaigns to associate your company logo with a beautiful story, giving customers a real brand experience with your own story. The Story Moleskine brand is synonymous with personal identity, culture, memory and imagination. Moleskine […]