Branded Textiles

Whether they are offered in marketing campaigns or are purchased for employees (workwear), personalized textiles support the value of a brand. Being promotional products with visibility, they have a positive impact on both their recipients and those around them.

The range of customized textile products can include any object or piece of clothing made of textile materials. We refer here to shirts, vests, shirts, jackets, polar, caps, scarves, gloves, elastic bands, textile covers, handbags and bags, cosmetic bags. The vast variety of products offers multiple opportunities for companies to promote and bring the brand into the center of customer attention.

In terms of budget, in this category of personalized promotional products, we will meet both giveaways and objects that can be called corporate gifts.

The choice of custom textiles is influenced by the campaign budget, the type of campaign and the category of final recipients of these promotional gifts. Regardless of choice, customized textile products have been and are among the preferences of consumers in surveys of promotional items received