Protect the environment: customizable disposable cups

cani personalizabile reutilizabile




Bamboo fiber cup

Bamboo fibre tumbler with silicone lid



One of the companies` principles often mentioned in the last few years is the one of considerate and protect the environment in all their business stages. Choosing to advertise the brand with promotional products who openly support this principle, is a big step towards the brand commitment to environmental conservation.

One of our suggestions for this step is offering customizable reusable cups.







A huge amount of plastic and paper mugs and cups are thrown daily. Climate impact studies have been done, articles in renown newspapers have been written for the public awareness, specialized environmental NGOs are getting involved trying to solve a problem continuously growing.


impac disposable cups Regensburg    disposable cup  KeepCup versus disposable cups



porcelain cup



Very few of plastic cups are recycled, and the paper ones (contrary to popular belief) cannot be yet widely recycled with the available technologies because of the insulating plastic film.

We will suggest you to use cups and mugs of less frequently used materials, so it can be reused and more or less recycled, such as: bamboo fibre, glass, recyclable PP, porcelain, with a smaller environmental footprint.




KeepCup – reusable customizable cup



Because the targeted companies are the ones who deliver to the general population billions of plastic and paper cups and mugs, the reusable cups offers the possibility of customization, in order to involve these big brands to work towards the gradual replacement of the containers with negative environmental impact.




Tritan Thermal Mug




”Protect the environment!” – this is the main message that can be conveyed through the campaigns using customizable reusable cups, reasserting the companies` sustainability principles and helping to educate consumers about the environment.










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Would you like a mug with EXACTLY the same colours as your brand?

The mug is one of the promotional items with maximum usage and exposure in the day to day life, summing up aesthetic and sentimental value for most of us. Brands are easily identifiable by their colour pallet and that is why it is important to reproduce their colour identity as accurately as possible.

Hydrocolor covering is the technology that allows us to reproduce Pantone colours as well as possible. A mug can be partially covered, on the outside or just on the inside, or on its entire surface.

This method can be combined with other special customization methods:

  • transfer printing: [example] printing the desired logo with opaque white on a mug that already has been HydroColored in Pantone.
  • sandblasting: making sandblasted surfaces on the outside of the mug. These can also be decorated in a specific colour, thus having visual and tactile 3D effects.
  • crackle effect: creating a crackled surface, but keeping the special colour and the decorating possibilities by the sandblasting method.

No matter what customization method you decide to choose the HydroColour technique, the result will be amazing and will draw attention when your campaign starts.

A good day starts with a cup of coffee

On 1st of October 2015, International Coffee Day will be celebrated for the first time. Why is this a special event? Countries around the world have their very own day to celebrate the drink that sets us in motion (USA – for example- celebrated it on September 29th), but this time, the celebration will be international.

The decision was made by The International Coffee Organization (ICO), the organisation of which Romania takes part as a country who imports coffee. To mark this moment, at the same time with the Universal Exposition, Milan City (Italy) will be hosting The Global Coffee Forum between September 30 and October 1.

Most of us enjoy the benefits of coffee and despite the flavour or strength, everybody has a drinking ritual of his own. The proper promotional product for this moment of the day is, of course, a mug. A mug that can become your favourite.   coffee mugs gif

The advertising campaigns chose mugs to go with their strategy because of the frequent usage, permanent exposure in everyday life and even aesthetic value, judging by some special mugs designs. cani Leaving the advantages of promotional products aside – brand awareness, massive promotion with low costs and so on – a branded mug can create a particular occasion to transform the customers attachment to an object into a real connection with the brand itself. You can profit from this remarkable feature by offering mugs to both your employees and your business partners.

Happy International Coffee Day !