Eco gifts from sustainable materials: glass

Choosing eco-friendly gifts made of sustainable materials such as glass is important in supporting the sustainability principles of a brand. It is advisable for the marketing strategy to include environmental protection elements at all levels of promotion.


The advantages of choosing sustainable materials for your company gifts




Recycled glass gifts are highly sought after, and the promotional products industry has positively received this trend. You have an opportunity at hand to select and personalize vases, bowls, self-care or leisure objects.

Decorative objects are not forgotten either, you can offer lamps, sculptures, various decorations or small specific objects such as the ”martisor” (a beautiful Romanian tradition involving giving a tiny adornment).

Glasses, decanters and containers are among the most appreciated objects, whether they reflect the industry in which the brand operates, or they are desired to create a state of well-being and relaxation for those to whom they are given.



Excellent alternatives to plastic containers are reusable water bottles, also customizable with your logo. The variety of models, colors and accessories, as well as the wide range of necessary budgets allow selections suitable for any brand with modern promotion techniques.



The positive effects of giving eco gifts made from sustainable materials such as glass will not be late to appear. Improving the image of the brand, differentiating it from competitors, conveying appreciation to the recipients of gifts, encouraging sustainable actions, all these advantages come from the use of eco-friendly materials in promoting your brand.



Personalization methods

– engraving

– pad printing

– UV printing


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