Ready for fun: inflatable advertising materials

materiale publicitare gonflabile

Inflatable advertising materials: where can we use them?

What can be more impressive than objects, characters, decorations made in large scale 3D and used as inflatable advertising materials?

This kind of advertising objects is often found at outdoor events (festivals, fairs, various brand activations). However, they are no strangers to POS/POP or corporate branding.


What are the inflatable advertising materials?

  • giant inflatables: festival/concert decorations, event advertising, promotion of capitals/cities, outdoor brand activations:


  • representations of objects, brand products or replicas of the brand logo:


  • tents, inflatable arches, dome-type arches, inflatable furniture


  • spheres, baloons, sky dancers


  • combinations of inflatable elements with large prints:

Whichever of these models you think is the best for your project, it can be created and adapted for maximum creativity in communication.

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*photo at the beginning of the article: Inflatable decoration – UNTOLD festival – Romania, 2021