The brief for promotional products

A successful campaign which uses promotional products starts with a well-drafted plan – the brief. This will help us to come up with the best proposals which will ensure the exposure of your brand during the campaign. This document will send us in the right direction, providing the information we need to guide you to the most suitable promotional items. Down below we draughted 10 steps to a good brief, aiming to help you write your own.

  1. Introduction

Why are you initiating this project? Have there have been similar campaigns in the past? Has your competition done something similar?

  1. The goal

What’s your goal? What results do you aim to achieve through this campaign and promotions?

  1. The purpose

What is the purpose or role of the promotional product for your campaign? How can it help your brand?

  1. Your target

What is your audience or target group composed of? Who will get the products you purchase?

  1. Circulation and delivery

How many promotional products you need for this project? What is the time frame that can be allocated to the actual production of selected objects?

  1. The message

What’s the message you want to send to your audience through these promotional items?

  1. The budget

What is the budget for this campaign or action? How much of it you want to use to purchase promotional products and how much is allocated to other logistical expenses?

  1. Planning

When do you need to start distributing the products? Do they need to be delivered all at once? Should you use intermediaries to facilitate receipt of the goods by them?  If it is an FMCG campaign, maybe you need promoters in big stores or when discussing a B2B profile you must instruct your sales team.

  1. Procedure

What expectations do you have from your promotional supplier? When do you need a quote? How do you want the proposals to look like? Do you want to see samples of selected products? Do you want simulations of your customised product before the order? Because that’s how we work with our clients 🙂

  1. Additional details

If you have additional information that you consider the supplier must know, we encourage you to tell from the beginning. This way you can be sure that you’ll get suitable products. The main rule is to communicate what you want, selecting relevant information based on your objectives and the audience that the campaign is addressed to.

Source: EPPA (European Promotional Products Association)