What are the trends in terms of customizable promotional products in 2024? We already have several trendy corporate gift options, when we are already three months in the new year. The products listed below have some particular characteristics for 2024 gifts: they are environmentally friendly, have a simple design and – as much as possible – have more functions.


Did you know that it is not recommended to fill your bottle / thermos / mug with drinks or carbonated water if this is not clearly specified? First, because the accumulated pressure can affect the closure of the bottle, second, because the carbonated liquid can damage the inner material of the bottle.

That is why the customizable bottle made of RCS certified recycled steel, with the following characteristics, was very well received:

  • Total content of recycled material: 85% (calculation based on the total weight of the object)
  • BPA-free
  • Anti-leak closure
  • Capacity: 800 ml
  • FSC® certified kraft packaging
  • Registered Design®
  • CO2 footprint: 1.66 kgCO2e

Possible customizations: Digital print 360°, Circular screen printing, Pad printing, Laser engraving


We are – of course – talking about AWARE™, the way to check the route of recyclable materials from collection-recycling-processing-finished product, with the help of blockchain technology (double trend here, recycling and blockchain in the same product).

The IQONIQ customizable clothing collection offers the possibility of accessing a digital passport for each individual product, by simply reading a QR code. You`ll find out where the PETs were collected, where they were recycled, where the raw material was prepared to make the product and, last but not least, the place of production.

Check out the entire IQONIQ Collection, some of the products are bestsellers already. What makes them stand out from other customizable apparel?

  • Recycled mono-materials (one single type of recycled material, such as polyester or cotton)
  • All-seasons collection
  • All products have OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certification
  • full traceability and blockchain verification with the AWARE™ tracer
  • trasabilitate completa si verificare blockchain cu tracer-ul AWARE™
  • Each product has a digital passport and a measured environmental footprint
  • 2% of each product proceeds are donated to water.org
  • The heather colours are made without dyeing, by simply mixing the colors of recycled materials with virgin organic cotton
  • For customizations made directly by the manufacturer, the inks have OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certification.
  • There are 12 heather colours in the collection, in addition to other 29 colours for dyed materials

Possible customizations: Digital transfer, Screen printing transfer, Embroidery


One of the products that contain recycled plastic is the large-capacity cup model with a handle – very fashionable among young employees of multinational companies.


  • Side handle, double wall
  • BPA free
  • Capacity 900 ml
  • 80% recycled material (relative to total weight)
  • Rotating lid with 3 types of opening: for straws, for drinking, completely sealed
  • Easy design for car cup holders
  • Anti-spill design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • FSC® certified kraft packaging

Possible customizations: Pad printing, Full color sleeve


Technology could not be missing from the list of trending corporate gifts in 2024. The headphone model whose demand has increased the most is the in-ear (or earbuds, or in-ear headphones).

The mobility offered by this type of headphones is highly appreciated. And if the chosen model combines sustainability with technology, then this is the winner.


  • Dual charging: in-case and solar
  • Monocrystalline solar panel integrated in the housing, with a conversion rate of 19%
  • Material: RCS certified recycled ABS – 21% of the total weight of the product
  • Automatic association function
  • BT 5.3
  • Pick-up and microphone
  • RCS certified recycled TPE charging cable
  • FSC® mix kraft packaging
  • Product and accessories 100% PVC-free

Possible customizations: Pad printing, Full colour sleeve


Cork popularity is constantly rising due to its extraordinary set of features. Being a material100% natural, reusable and recyclable, the cork is – looking from economical, social, and environmental perspective – one of the most versatile materials.

Cork is incredibly light, Pluta este incredibil de usoara, impermeable to liquids and gases, elastic, compressible and elastic. It offers an excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, is a fireproof material, vrey resistant to abrasion.

Naturally, the promotional products industry took advantage of this material`s extraordinary qualities, incorporating it into various objects production. You may benefit from a large range of products with cork elements: mugs, notebooks, pens, business cards holders, mousepads, coasters, thermoses etc.

Material`s features:

  • natural
  • waterproof
  • fireproof
  • extremely lightweight
  • elastic
  • thermal and acoustic insulation
  • scratch resistant

Possible customizations: Pad printing, Laser engraving, Screen printing, Debossing, Digital printing


Urban Vitamin is ahigh-end electronics brand, especially developed for the mobile lifestyle generation. The inovative Urban Vitamin products, customizable with your logo, are already trending corporate gifts in 2024.

Each item in the collection is named after a travel destination in California, the home of technology and inovation. Enjoy your daily dose of Urban Vitamin!


  • 100% PVC free – product and packaging
  • Interchangeable adaptors
  • 10000 mAh battery
  • Integrated 15W magnetic charger, for last generation of IOS and Android smartphones.
  • Integrated IOS and USB-C cable
  • Charging up to 5 devices simultaneusly
  • IAU, UE, UK, SUA, and Asia adaptors included

Possible customizations: Pad printing, Full colour sleeve


Maybe our journey about trending corporate gifts in 2024 should have started with this wonder product. If you ever thought to write your ideas on stone, you are the closest to accomplishment with thisStone Paper Notebook (meaningpaper made from stone).

Stone paper is a high quality ecological material, made from calcium carbonate (100% sustaninable recycled stone) mixed with a non-toxic resin (HDPE). The addition of calcium makes the surface naturally white, smooth, and velvety. Stone paper is also tear and moisture resistant In case of accidental leaking, your notes are safely keeped and the paper can still be written on.

The carbon footprint of stone paper is 60% lower for the same amount of cellulose paper.


  • natural white, velvety aspect
  • high tear resistance
  • high moisture resistance
  • easy writing
  • no water, trees, chlorine, or other chemicals involved in the production

Possible customizations: Digital printing, Screen transfer, Pad printing, Hot stamping


We can tell you about the beneficial effects for the company of offering gifts specially created for a sustainable lifestyle. Or we can tell you directly that are in an upward trend the gifts containing seeds and plants. Giving the fact that you are going to present the company`s environmental positioning, our intention is to encourage the personalization and offering of such ecological gifts.

The range is wide, but the common element are plants, usually presented as seeds plantable in small pots, at home or at the office. It is a beneficial thing that your have – within the company – a way to encourage a green lifestyle.

You can choose biodegradable paper with seeds, bookmarks with seeds, plantable pencils at the end of their use, pots and terracotta pots for growing aromatic plants and wildflowers, and many others similar.


  • natural, sustainable products
  • seed paper – 100% biodegradable
  • biodegradable plant growth containers
  • supervised and certified products
  • inovative products

Possible customizations: Digital prin, Laser engraving, screen printing

Don`t forget to contact the Lexonn consultants to identify the best option of trending corporate gifts for your 2024 projects!