Work-from-home promotional products. How to support employees working remotely

Work-from-home has lately become a common phrase in companies’ vocabulary. This is especially true for brands whose industry has allowed this change. Although too early to appreciate how profound this change is, for many of us working from home is an everyday reality.

Business meetings, recruitment interviews, regular meetings, most of them now take place in the virtual space. HR and communication professionals, psychologists, sociologists, and financial analysts naturally wonder if we see the end of the office age.  


Even if the lights on office campuses are not going out yet, the work-from-home trend is obviously increasing. How do companies react? How do they make the relocation to home offices much easier for so many employees?

Working from home is not as simple as it sounds, so any encouragement for the remote working colleagues is welcomed.

It`s a favorable moment for employer branding.

Personalized promotional products can help brands stay connected with all company employees. It is well known the fact that employees are the first and the best promoters of a brand. That`s why is an opportunity to show your brand appreciation to the employees in these challenging times:

  • sustain their efforts
  • thank them for their achievements
  • be there for them, when they need most

Employees will be the best brand ambassadors, and as one the perks of it, customers will be aware of that.

How can a brand use promotional products to support the work from home?

Here are some suggestions for branding a company as employer:

– Promotional office objects that will facilitate the transition from working in the office to working from home, a space less adapted to consistent work. Any help is welcomed, nothing is extra.

– Branded objects who can integrate the brand in the family space. Don’t avoid being part of your employees’ daily lives, some may need help in the kitchen or with children’s lessons 🙂

Personalized promotional products especially designed to help through this difficult time. The hygiene and protection products offered to the employees will strengthen the brand image as a brand who cares.

Special kits designed for work-from-home. Or for well-deserved moments of relaxation. Or to encourage exercise at home or outdoor, where possible.

-Textile promotional items, whether for indoor or outdoor. The key element is building team membership, whose distance can be more intensely felt working from home.

Goodies. No one stays indifferent to a pack of goodies (chocolate, biscuits, coffee, tea, lollipops with vitamins, natural syrups etc.) and nothing says better “we are here for you, we are moving on together”. Yes, we take care of everyone, we can also offer sugar-free goodies.

-Outside-the-box promotional products. You know better your own employees, offer them something unexpected but with great potential to be well received (some of them we have already tested 😉 )  

We have many suggestions for you, we are just an e-mail or a phone call away to help your company maintain its top employer reputation!