Promotional items for the company’s anniversary


In general, an important project or an anniversary are perfect opportunities to reinforce your brand’s values, goals and brand itself. These occasions offer precious time for reflection and celebration and are intended to appreciate the evolution of work, both individually and in the team.

In such a context, it is also important to emphasize not only the company’s achievements, but also the difficulties encountered in order to highlight the progress. We will discover further what kind of promotional objects we can use for the company’s anniversary.

Recognizing the efforts of an employee and appreciating his/hers skills creates an essential link between him/her and the company.


An acclaimed human resources consultant, Sharlyn Lauby, talks about the importance of celebrating the contribution of employees: “Smart companies realize that what sets them apart from the rest is their people and their work. Anniversaries are the opportunity to recognize people’s contribution.”

Celebrating the company`s anniversary:

  • strengthens and maintains the connection with customers
  • reinforces the image of the company
  • may announce the launch of a new product
  • provides a boost to existing marketing programs
  • can launch new initiatives
  • promotes the achievement of goals and increases achievements


The company’s anniversary in the marketing strategy:

Marking the company’s anniversary with a celebration can also be a powerful sales and marketing tool. The celebration contributes to increasing employee morale and stabilizing business relationships.

For a business to be successful, it is essential to build and maintain a strong and personalized relationship with clients. This can be done in several ways. You can offer them special prices, discounts or additional services. At the same time, you can surprise them with a personalized gift from promotional products range.

How companies show appreciation to their teams?

Companies can now consider an outdoor gathering, such as a picnic, or organizing an event in a special place. Such a meeting is a good time to return to the basics. The gestures are simple but significant, such as offering personalized gifts.

“Every opportunity a company has to celebrate something, no matter how big or small that something is, should really have the purpose of trying to lift employee morale”

Virtual meetings are, of course, an option and there are many creative approaches to include the whole team. Gifts can be sent to employees right at the place where they work remotely. Regardless of whether is an outdoor or an indoor event, it is important that the place we choose corresponds to the needs of the company and the expectations of the guests. It is recommended to take into account preferences in terms of comfort and the creation of an optimal environment, an achievable goal with the help of personalized promotional products.

What kind of promotional products can we use

For the company’s anniversary, you can select from the following categories of promotional product personalized with your brand’s logo

  • cooler bags
  • umbrellas
  • powerbanks
  • sets of sport items
  • tech accessories
  • backpacks
  • sunglasses
  • picnic sets
  • thermoses
  • reusable mugs made of recycled plastic
  • essential party accessories: balloons, personalized garlands, etc.

The variants are multiple, from simple giveaways to mark the anniversary moment to sets of personalized objects dedicated to employees and important clients.




Write us the details of your ideas and a Lexonn consultant will help you make the most suitable choice.