Personalized gifts for rewarding employees


Within a company, leading a team can often be a challenging task. When it comes to increasing employees morale and sustaining an encouraging workplace environment, attention and commitment are needed. That is why offering personalized gifts is an effective way to encourage the achievement of the company’s main goals.

Employees appreciation helps stimulate their commitment and encourages them to remain loyal to the company. Obtaining high-performance results is another element that is pursued in the recognition system.

Promotional products have a beneficial effect as incentives for staff

According to a 2017 Promotional Product Association International Sales Report, the key purpose of giving away promotional products that year was developing the relationships with the employees. Recognizing an employee’s efforts and appreciating his or her abilities creates an essential connection between the company and the employee.

72% among a professional survey respondents mentioned that promotional products are a positive employees loyalty boost. Personalized gifts will always be a reminder of the feeling of appreciation.

Enhancing the employees feelings towards the brand

Receiving personalized promotional gifts, employees become more familiar with the brand. Therefore, those with a positive outlook on the brand are more likely to recommend the company to family and friends. Employees’ trust in the brand they represent will always be an advantage for the company.

A job well structured in terms of requirements and recognition makes an employee feels as an useful contributor in the company to which it belongs.

According to Cicero Group research:

69% of employees would work harder if they feel that their efforts would be more appreciated.



What personalized gifts you can reward your employees with?

Although giving personalized gifts is a quick and ideal reward plan, employees’ priorities and needs require attention. Therefore, due to the fact that the scope of promotional products is vast, we must choose the most practical ones. For example, textiles are useful and essential elements in everyday life:

In 2021, personalized gifts trends are still related to technology and work-from-home:

  • office gadgets
  • household items
  • self-care and personal safety products

Objects made of sustainable materials are increasingly in demand. Through them, your company can visibly affirm the brand’s dedication to supporting an unpolluted environment. Employees will be happy to support a brand that is undeniably involved in actions designed to protect the environment.

Impact Collection  

 A sweet surprise personalized with your brand logo will pleasantly complete the offered gift. dulciuri personalizate

All these objects meet the employees’ needs and support – by personalization with the company logo – the value of the brand and the company’s set of values.

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