Did you know that promotional products … ?

  • Promotional items are successful because the same people use them constantly, and new ones come in contact with them constantly.
  • From 2000 respondents of a survey, 90% confirmed that they have promotional products. On average, once a day they use it and they are in contact with the brand promoted. More than 50% were able to recall the brand or company from whom they received the promotional product. Compared to ATL marketing (TV and radio), where the level of awareness was 28% and 38% respectively, promotional products were more effective. (Source: GGW Germany 2011)
  • Promotional items are more flexible in terms of cost, being able to fit into tight budgets, medium or large. (Source: PPAI)
  • Studies showed us that people have a better perception about the company after receiving personalised promotional products. Most people, meaning 61%, said they felt encouraged to learn more about products and services of a company, from whom received such items. (Source: 2FPCO- Etude de l’objet publicitaire en France, 2011)
  • Writing promotional items are (still) the most common in this category. (Studies in Germany and the US)
  • According to a survey of UK, pens, USBs and key rings were most likely to be worn by recipients in their suitcases, briefcases or bags.
  • Compared with other methods of promotion, promotional items have the best cost-results ratio. (Source: ASI Global Study)
  • An average of 70% of the recipients retain the most useful products such as pens, bags and objects in the field of healthcare. (Source: ASI Global Study)
  • Integrating promotional products in your projects and campaigns assures more credibility to the message and raise the loyalty of your customers.(Source: PPAI Study 2006)