Prodir QS Stone

Prodir QS Stone – more mineral, less plastic


When the Swiss designers from Prodir – the renowned writing tool company – created the new QS Stone ballpoint pen, their main goal was to obtain a material that would use as little plastic as possible.

The new material has minerals that have replaced up to 60% of the old plastic structure. QS Stone became a solid ballpoint pen, its weight increased by 50%. This did not spoiled their elegance, but rather increased it.





The material with the mineral component is currently found as an option only on models QS01, QS20 and QS30.

The QS Stone model is elegantly accessorized with a satin metallic clip, available in five colours. The pen body, the part containing the mineral material, is produced in 8 colour variants, 4 metallic tones – Gold, Copper, Silver, Graphite – and 4 colours with names inspired from mineral kingdom – White Dolomite, Black Carbon, Red Quartzite and Blue Cobalt.

And another novelty: the entire Prodir pen range now benefits from the standard Floating Ball lead free refill, including the mineral structure models. One more reason to be selected by any sustainable brand as a premium quality promotional writing tool.



To choose the most suitable colour and structure, it helps us – as usual – the configurator created by the Swiss manufacturer.

Using the online app that Prodir created on their website, one can easily configure the desired QS Stone ballpoint pen. As we previously stated, you can have the mineral material option only for 3 models of the Prodir pens range: QS01, QS20, and QS30.

Send us your chosen configuration and one of our consultants will create a quotation for you.

Congrats, Prodir, for inovating on the road towards ”Less plastic”!


Sport and brand promotion

It`s easy to understand why the impact of promotional products in sports it`s a more interesting matter during an important sports competition, such as European Football Championship. Our suggestions aim brands directly involved in organising sports competitions, as much as those who try to stand by their employees and business partners by promoting sport, health, competitive spirit and last but not least, relaxation and fun.

 Which are the suitable promotional objects to draw sports lovers attention?

  • sports clothing: caps, technical t-shirts, softshell jackets, sport pants
  • personalised textiles: bags, totes, scarves, bandanas, cuffs / elbow pads / knee pads
  • sports bags and backpacks, sports drawstring or zipper bags, made of waterproof or water repellent fabrics
  • bottle , thermos, mug and all kind of accessories (covers, clips, bicycle bottle mount), collapsible water pouches, ice-cube trays
  • various accessories with sport-related design or customised as such: keychains, silicone bracelets, mini-flashlights, bottle openers, fans, lanyards, magnets, coasters
  • office promotional objects: notebooks, themed designed pens, post-it, anti-stress balls, mobile phone stands
  • gadgets: watches, chronometer, pedometers, activity tracker, mp3 player, headphones / earbuds, power banks
  • promotional objects for supporters: inflatable sticks, whistles, balloons, trumpets, rain ponchos, hats, caps, half cap visors, sunglasses
  • personalised funny objects for adults and children: kite, frisbee, yo-yo
  • special promotional products: chocolate, lollipops, drops with a sport-themed design, sustainable products such as grass seeds in a specially designed package, temporary personalised tattoos

People of all ages are giving increased attention to physical activities and sports. Reckoning this gives you perspective in building an efficient and responsible marketing campaign, with a memorable user experience.

Tatuaje promotionale temporare / Temporary promotional tattoos

Redefine your brand identity with the New Identity Pen from Prodir


Promotionals are the most convenient messenger for brand identity. Prodir stays committed to create writing instruments which reflects brand`s personality.

The new 2018 model – DNA The new identity pen – multiplies the combinations available by partitioning the pen`s body in 4 components with different materials, colours and textures.



This extremely versatile model is intended for brands who wish to communicate a powerful message to their clients and collaborators. Along with the pen`s body partitioning, the number of customizable surfaces is increasing.


New elements

The Identity Pen assemble in one writing instrument almost all Prodir textures: matt, polished, 3D, soft touch. There are unexpected material options too: wood rings, along the usual plastic or metal components. Metallic component is also new for the pen`s body, it has been used before as option only for button, clip or nose cone.

This new model`s customization can be simulated as well by using the Prodir configurator on manufacturer helps the users suggesting initial patterns depending on the desired colors, the feeling they want to express, the favorite material, from which they can modify the patterns. But you can make the desired combination from the button to the nose cone.

You will offer your collaborators an unique writing instrument in the closest configuration to your brand identity, and the ability to portray their own image about your brand by switching the elements on the pen`s body.


Over 60 components you can mix creating the most spectacular Prodir writing instrument: DNA – The new identity pen!


Rain ponchos and umbrellas: a useful customizable gift

pelerine ploaie


Keep contact with your clients, business collaborators and employees offering them a branded rain poncho or an umbrella. Always useful in any circumstance, whether in the city or on holiday, the personalized rain ponchos and umbrellas will highlight your brand to a wide audience, in a long exposure.

By doing this, you will secure your clients` recognition with customizable promotional products fit for any budget: low, medium, premium, depending on product`s lifespan and features.


1. Rain ponchos



An appropriate object in the city, as well as on a festival, on a trip, at an outdoor show, the rain poncho is easy to carry, with very small volume when folded, and the branding can go either on the poncho, or on packaging pouch.

You can customize it using pad printing or screen printing, depending on material. Get in touch with a specialist to find the most appropriate branding methods for this type of product.


Something different than ponchos, but they protects vey well against the rain and wind: thin raincoats with hood and pockets, very useful on a construction site too.






2. Umbrellas

A much appreciated promotional object, umbrella has always been attractive to brands, no matter the company`s size or advertising budget, the industry or the number of customers or business collaborators who are about to receive it.

A product with a long lifespan, specially when high quality is the main feature, with wide exposure and varios advertising possibilities, umbrella is the kind of useful object that anyone is happy to accept, welcoming the gift and recall the company initiating such a campaign.

The examples below highlight the variety of models, colours and branding methods:



Any of them will be your choice for a next campaign, rain ponchos or umbrellas, they will have a significant positive impact in maintaining open the connection between your customers and your brand.


Promotional objects in custom shapes | Multisensory marketing

USB-uri forme personalizate


Promotional items with custom shapes can have a great influence on the clients’ attachment to the brand you are promoting. Giving a well known and loved shape to a useful promotional object, you will address not only their needs but also the senses, which will help them recall you and feel closer to your brand.


Using multisensory marketing in you campaigns can be a plus against other brands. The range of products is wide and you can easily include them in your personalized promotional products portfolio.

Starting from small, decorative objects, to the bigger tech products, they will be all as a visible reminder for the portrayed product or brand symbol:


2. 3D cards and puzzles

3.Custom shaped magnets




5.Custom shaped toys (plush or plastic)

6. Tech objects – USB, speaker, cable organizer, powerbank

7. Various objects in custom shape


You can customize the shape of your desired promotional object, or you can offer a classic promotional product (t-shirt, towel, candies, peanuts etc) packed in a custom meaningful shape.


8.Custom shape packaging


Or you can resort to an effective method, by offering customized sweets and chocolate 🙂



Write us about your project details and a Lexonn consultant will help you to make the most appropriate choice.

Protect the environment: customizable disposable cups

cani personalizabile reutilizabile




Bamboo fiber cup

Bamboo fibre tumbler with silicone lid



One of the companies` principles often mentioned in the last few years is the one of considerate and protect the environment in all their business stages. Choosing to advertise the brand with promotional products who openly support this principle, is a big step towards the brand commitment to environmental conservation.

One of our suggestions for this step is offering customizable reusable cups.







A huge amount of plastic and paper mugs and cups are thrown daily. Climate impact studies have been done, articles in renown newspapers have been written for the public awareness, specialized environmental NGOs are getting involved trying to solve a problem continuously growing.


impac disposable cups Regensburg    disposable cup  KeepCup versus disposable cups



porcelain cup



Very few of plastic cups are recycled, and the paper ones (contrary to popular belief) cannot be yet widely recycled with the available technologies because of the insulating plastic film.

We will suggest you to use cups and mugs of less frequently used materials, so it can be reused and more or less recycled, such as: bamboo fibre, glass, recyclable PP, porcelain, with a smaller environmental footprint.




KeepCup – reusable customizable cup



Because the targeted companies are the ones who deliver to the general population billions of plastic and paper cups and mugs, the reusable cups offers the possibility of customization, in order to involve these big brands to work towards the gradual replacement of the containers with negative environmental impact.




Tritan Thermal Mug




”Protect the environment!” – this is the main message that can be conveyed through the campaigns using customizable reusable cups, reasserting the companies` sustainability principles and helping to educate consumers about the environment.










Contacteaza un consultant Lexonn pentru a primi cele mai noi informatii si oferte in acest domeniu.

Promotional items for cycling lovers

One of this year trends is continuing to encourage a healthy lifestyle. You can turn your attention to the many cycling lovers, surprising them with dedicated promotional products.

The range of products is wide enough to be approached by companies with any type of budget: from attendance badges and caps, to bicycle bags and baskets or bicycle gadgets.

Here are a few interesting suggestions in this time of year, in order for you to be prepared in advance for this year`s cycling competitions and for the vacation. Cycling vacation, of course 🙂

Pietro Cataudella - My Moleskine Story - Florence

Moleskine – a brand for important projects

molekine clasic

 Updated in September 2019

Moleskine is a well-known and popular notebook brand all over the world. It’s natural for your important campaigns to associate your company logo with a beautiful story, giving customers a real brand experience with your own story.

The Story

Moleskine brand is synonymous with personal identity, culture, memory and imagination.
Moleskine Notebook is actually the successor to the legendary notebook used by artists and thinkers over the past two centuries. Among them, Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin. A simple, black booklet with rounded corners, an elastic page holder and an expandable inner pocket: an object made for over a century by a small French producer, a supplier of Parisian stationery stores, where the world’s artistic and literary avant-garde have bought it and made it immortal.

The English writer and traveler Bruce Chatwin named it ”moleskine” in the ’80s, by the time he regretted the closing of the French small fabric. 10 years later, a Milan producer has followed the writer’s footsteps, resumed book production and built what we all love today: the Moleskine brand, The Notebook.




Moleskine can be the classical notebook. Or it can be the planner so useful both at home and in the office, or the travel journal for the most beautiful places you have visited, or the special notebook where the artistic passions are outlined.

What should you choose? What is the best fit for your brand and and your important project. A Lexonn consultant can help you, if necessary, in order to establish the most appropriate option.


The design

Some designs available for cahiers, planners and notebooks:


The colour

Each design is available in a certain number of colours. See some examples below:


The sizes

XS (extra-short) => 6,5 x 10,5 cm

P (pocket) => 9 x 14 cm

L (large) => 13 x 21 cm

XL (extra-large) => 19 x 25 cm


The cover

You can choose a soft cover notebook, or a hard cover one, depending on the design and sizes you have chosen already.


The pages

There is a generous offer for the pages` aspect. In addition to the usual ruled or white pages, you can choose to have squared or dotted pages or even pages with staves for the musical journal.



Are you curious what does a planner look inside? Here`s one of the models for 2018:

New products: Moleskine Custom Editions

The Moleskine is a very suitable choice as corporate gifts, especially for a company who embraces brand values such as imagination, memory, culture, journey and personal identity.

Moleskine Custom Editions have 100% customizable front and back cover, advertising inserts, custom elastic bands, paper wrap and custom inner covers. You can use them for any of your future important projects, such as:

– brand identity
– PR and media activities
– special events
– launching a new product
– holiday gifts
– conferences and seminars
– external gifts
– internal communication projects
– loyalty and incentive programs

New products: Moleskine Smart Writing Set Ellipse

Moleskine Smart Writing Set Ellipse transfers notes or sketches from paper page to mobile devices by using free app.
The set includes: smartpen Pen+ Ellipse, Moleskine Paper Tablet with special lined pages, charging cable and additional pen refill. .


Karim Rashid – product designer

Known to the promotional products industry as a renowned product designer, Karim Rashid participated in the Detour project between 2006 and 2013, where artists, designers, writers, architects, directors put a glimpse of their art in the pages of a Moleskine notebook.




*Toate imaginile si videoclipurile din acest articol sunt preluate de pe site-ul brandului Moleskine –
Textile promotional bag

Textile promotional bag – trends for 2018

sacosa promotionala


Textile promotional bag has always been in the top mos appreciated customizable objects. It`s recognition came from a multitude of positive features:

=> relatively low cost

=> utility

=> many designs, materials, colours

=> many opportunities of customizations with a logo / message / image

=> ideal for green marketing campaigns



Personalizing and offering as giveaway a natural fiber bag will continue to be a trend in 2018, sustained by the Romanian legislation stipulating an interdiction for import and commercialization of thin (under 50 microns) and very thin (under 15 microns) plastic bags with handle, starting from 1st of July this year.

It is a good time for companies wishing to re-affirm their environmental footprint principles and to include marketing in sustainability policy. By customizing a textile bag with their own logo or with a promotional message, they can help educate the public about ways to reduce pollution.


sacosa personalizata


1. Textile bag designs

You can choose from a wide assortment of designs, with different shapes and volumes: classical shopping bags, gift bags, special container bags etc.


2. Fabric types

The fabric type is important on the matter of reducing pollution. For companies that want to avoid using plastic bags (even biodegradable ones), it is advisable to choose natural cotton bags: plain cotton, cotton canvas, jute or any combinations of natural fiber fabrics.



3. Handles, accesories and closure types

Depending on their purpose, bag`s handles can be short, medium or long (for carrying on the shoulder). You can choose a combination of two types of handles, for a more versatile promotional object.

Bags can have a large, unfastened opening, as the classic ones, of thin cotton or the rigid jute bags, or they can have a zip closure or a fastening with decorative buttons for an elegant design.

Addition of an interior or exterior pocket is always useful. Some bags can be accessorized with wood or bamboo handles, especially the ones made of jute.



4. Ecological certification

Sustainable marketing campaigns will be endorsed by the promotional objects made of certified materials. The presence of any label like the ones below is a warrant of the quality of these materials.



5. Personalization

The potential customization depends on the chosen fabric. Textile bags can be screen printed, embroidered, or can have attached printed or embroidered labels. Here are a few examples of customized bags:




If you have decided to take advantage of this opportunity and you wish to include a personalized promotional textile bag in your promotional portfolio, all you have to do is to choose the design, the fabric, the colour and the accessories and your marketing campaign is good to go!

Contact us for a customized offer


notebook personalizabil

How to choose a customizable notebook

Notebook personalizat


Calendar, notepad, notebook – no matter how we call it, this object is among the most popular gifts and promotionals offered. There is a wide variety of features that we can focus on when we wish to offer a personalized notebook, as an object not only useful but also pleasant. This small guide will helo you to choose the most relevant notebook for your company`s logo

1. Style

Depending on what you aim for, the budget, the chosen time of the year and last, but not least, the message you want your promotionals to carry, you can choose an elegant style or you can stick to a simple, but meaningful appearance.

                                      hardcover notebook                           A6 notebook


Agenda triptic


2. Dimensiuni si sisteme de prindere

Cele mai intalnite dimensiuni pentru agende si notes-uri sunt A6 si A5, insa pentru promotionale destinate participantilor la un training/workshop – de exemplu – pot fi utile si cele format A4. La fel, intr-o campanie care are ca public-tinta copiii, sunt de efect notesurile mici format A7. Sistemul de prindere poate fi cu spire sau clasic, pe verticala sau pe orizontala, cu accesorii de inchidere tip elastic, clapa – magnetica sau simpla, curea etc.



3. Coperta: hard sau soft?

Daca delimitarile clasice erau hard cover pentru agende si soft cover pentru notebook-uri mici, noutatea adusa de marketingul multisenzorial a fost introducerea copertilor flexibile, moi, si la agendele format mai mare. Am dezbatut mai pe larg acest subiect intr-un articol anterior, va facem si aici cateva sugestii de modele cu coperti soft, cu suprafata catifelata, pe langa cele cu coperta medium si hard:



Notebook covers - soft-medium-hard


Pentru orice agenda sau blocnotes, texturile copertilor difera in functie de materialul din care sunt realizate. Mai des intalnite sunt cartoanele speciale, hartia groasa, imitatia de piele, PVC etc. Materialele speciale sunt insa cele cu care iti poti surprinde clientii: fetru, pluta, carton reciclabil.




4. Pagini – tipuri de hartie si liniatura



Calitatea hartiei unui carnet contribuie foarte mult la crearea unei impresii favorabile din partea utilizatorilor. Alegerea tipului de hartie – offset (hartie poroasa), cretata mata, cretata lucioasa – depinde si de modul de personalizare dorit, in special daca iti doresti – de exemplu – personalizare cu logo pe coltul fiecarei foi.

Liniaturile uzuale ale foilor agendelor sunt dictando si foaie velina (alba, simpla). Poti alege insa, pentru o campanie dedicata workshop-urilor, liniatura de caiet de matematica sau pentru cadourile de sfarsit de an – agende anuale datate. Exista si varianta mixta, cu foi din mai multe tipuri de liniatura.

Un efect special il au inserturile, fie apartinand modelului respectiv de notebook, fie special create de voi pentru prezentarea companiei sau a anumitor produse. Nu orice notebook permite inserarea unor astfel de pagini, de aceea este bine sa afli daca producatorul realizeaza si astfel de modele.


Insert foaie de colorat


5. Design si accesorii

Un design special, accesorii atasate sau includerea intr-un set de birou sunt elementele care vor scoate in evidenta campania ta cu notebook-uri promotionale.



6. Personalizare agenda

Personalizarea pe care doresti sa o realizezi va influenta alegerea tipului de agenda / notebook. Tine seama de caracteristicile copertei, material, pozitie accesorii, pentru a putea stabili corect modul de personalizare posibil. Alegerea poate porni fie de la modelul de carnet, optandu-se pentru personalizarea posibila, fie de la modul si forma personalizarii dorite, alegand unul dintre modelele care permit acea imprimare.

Posibilitatile de imprimare a logo-ului brandului tau sunt multiple: print digital, print UV, policromie, hot stamping, gravura laser pe accesoriile metalice, embosare/debosare pe suprafete din imitatie de piele sau din PVC.


Este utila consultarea unui specialist in produse promotionale personalizate pentru a face cea mai potrivita alegere pentru campania ta.