Go green with promotional products [2]

Sustainability means more than being “environmentally friendly”. Beyond recycling, being sustainable implies a full-aspects approach and a long-term strategy. Richard Branson [Virgin.com], a powerful business and life influence, knows what it means to develop a sustainable business.

Richard Branson - sursa foto: virgin.com

Richard Branson – photo: virgin.com

In our previous article, we emphasised the economic and social benefits that companies can gain when business strategies and politics are built around sustainability. First, we have benefits within the company:

  • Reduced energy and logistics costs
  • The innovational dynamics by leveraging the employees creativity potential
  • Pleasant working environment, reduced stress, increased employees satisfaction, therefore, their productivity

Second, it`s about the way the company and its brands are perceived externally:

  • Positive image – fairness and concern about environmental and social issues
  • Statement of principle – the company`s environmental footprint
  • New market segments, new categories of customers
  • Highly competitive against companies with similar products / services
  • Partnerships with suppliers – sustaining local businesses
  • Close relationship with customers, gaining their trust
  • Attractiveness to potential investors
UTENSILO Gardening Set

UTENSILO Gardening Set

Naturally, promotional products encapsulate the companies ideas, principles, ways of doing business. They represent us in front of our employees, business partners and clients.

The sustainable promotional products are a bold statement of the brand`s strategy and an encouragement from your company to change the attitude towards the environment, from a personal to a business level.

Recycled PET umbrella

Recycled PET umbrella