Customizable polo technical jersey Pen Duick - Quick Dry First PK150 grey

Technical shirts: your company supports sport


All sports enthusiasts hold an appreciated place in their wardrobe for technical shirts.

What are these technical shirts? Shirts made of smart materials, dedicated to activities requiring special fabric features in order to maintain and improve sport performances.

A technical shirt made of Quick Dry polyester such as the Pen Duick collection is lightweight, breathable, enables quick perspiration dispersal, the fabric staying permanently dry.

tricouri tehnice


Shirts, usually, are ranking high among the most appreciated promotional objects. When that assessment meets the passion for sport, the technical shirt is the right choice for customizing a promotional product whit the brand message.

Technical shirts can be T-shirts or polo shirts, straight cutted or fitted. Colour range is wide, covering multiple choices, from pastel to dark or fluorescent shades, single colour or with two contrasting colours combined. You can personalize technical shirts by using screen printing, pad printing or embroidery, each method preserving the fabric special features.

tricouri tehnice



The favourable occasions when a company can promote itself through the technical shirts are various: sponsoring or organizing a sports event, giving gifts to employees to encourage sport activities in their leisure time, organizing giveaways for the brand`s fans etc.




Whatever the occasion, the principle stated through this kind of campaign using promotional technical shirts is loud and clear: sport means health and your company supports sport! 


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