Logo-biscuits and personalized chocolate


Personalised sweets drew your attention each time you have received them as a gift. And we are not talking here about those classic edible favours from your friends’ wedding 🙂

During the coffee break at a conference, maybe you have received biscuits embossed with one of the conference sponsors`logo. Or maybe, being on holiday, you have found chocolate or biscuits in your room, nicely personalised with the brand of your hotel. Or maybe, why not, the optical store where you bought a pair of glasses offered to all the customers little chocolate tablets in customised packaging.



There are plenty efficient opportunities of profiting by this kind of special promotional product. If you follow the brand experience concept, you will surely find those particular moments when your brand interactions with clients and partners can be associated with personalised sweets offering.

How can chocolate and biscuits be customised?

First, the customization can be performed during the manufacturing process, by embossing (stamping) the brand logo on the biscuit or the chocolate tablet. Another procedure is logo`s contrasting decoration (vanilla /cocoa). A third very attractive way of customising the sweets during the manufacturing process is the edible print, which – depending on size – can insert a short message or a call-to-action.

Depending on the complexity of the design, you can have even an edible 3D logo.

In addition to the direct customization of products, the role of packaging in promoting the brand is very important, considering the printing possibilities (methods, colours etc.) as well as the wider printing area. Chocolate, biscuits, waffles, all can be individually packed or presented in personalised boxes, following the food quality and safety standards.

Choosing the sweets personalization method depends on the marketing campaign, its strategy and budget. No matter the variables, the message of these promotional products will be the same: sweet and friendly 🙂