Would you like a mug with EXACTLY the same colours as your brand?

The mug is one of the promotional items with maximum usage and exposure in the day to day life, summing up aesthetic and sentimental value for most of us. Brands are easily identifiable by their colour pallet and that is why it is important to reproduce their colour identity as accurately as possible.

Hydrocolor covering is the technology that allows us to reproduce Pantone colours as well as possible. A mug can be partially covered, on the outside or just on the inside, or on its entire surface.

This method can be combined with other special customization methods:

  • transfer printing: [example] printing the desired logo with opaque white on a mug that already has been HydroColored in Pantone.
  • sandblasting: making sandblasted surfaces on the outside of the mug. These can also be decorated in a specific colour, thus having visual and tactile 3D effects.
  • crackle effect: creating a crackled surface, but keeping the special colour and the decorating possibilities by the sandblasting method.

No matter what customization method you decide to choose the HydroColour technique, the result will be amazing and will draw attention when your campaign starts.