Promotional custom-made sunglasses for a glamorous summer

Do you know what kind of sunglasses are in trend this summer? The custom-made sunglasses your company offers in the marketing campaign.

In just a few steps, you can configure a truly unique pair of sunglasses, fitted to your clients` style and able to reveal the core of the promotional campaign.

1. Choose a model

For children or for grown-ups, the products range is generous and diverse. Decide the most representative model for your brand this summer.





2. Colour the frames


You may choose to customize the frames in your favourite main colour, ore to use a combination up to four colours.


3. Choose the finish


You can go on a classic, polished or matte finish, or you can be bold by choosing a fluorescent, transparent or metallic version. The fluorescent option is available only for white frames, and the metallic finish – only for a few selected colours.





4. What kind of lenses are most suitable?


All the lenses have UV400 sun protection, you only have to decide the appropriate model:

  • coloured: light blue, green, red, pink, yellow, black
  • transparent
  • polarized
  • gradient lenses
  • anti-reflex lenses: silver, gold, purple-blue, blue-green, rainbow


5. Customize your sunglasses with your brand logo

As a promotional gift, these sunglasses can be personalized with your brand`s logo, either on the outside or the inside.



These sunglasses ar entirely custom-made: you can choose the shape, colours, finish and lenses most suitable for your brand and the surprise is guaranteed!