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Promotional t-shirts

T-shirts are the most popular promotional products. Because of that, we want to make sure that you know how to make the choice when you decide to promote your brand using them.

T-shirts are popular because they fit any budget, and they bear your message. Before everything, we suggest you focus on quality, but when your budget doesn’t allow for you to purchase top brands, we have to find middle way solutions , so called “cheap but good”. 🙂


The multiple options of customization that can be done on a shirt allow us to be creative and put even more value in your brand: sustainable embroidery, screen printing for large prints, heat transfer printing for tight deadline promotions.



“Impressions Study 2013” gives us some information about consumers opinion by comparing t-shirts with other promotional products. The conclusions are pretty clear and help us define our target when we chose t-shirts for your campaigns. Men are most likely to wear a customized T-shirt and regarding the age, well, you know the saying – “the younger, the better”.   Even if FMCG’s companies are the ones that most often give t-shirts to their consumers, there are lots of fields that can take advantage of the benefits of a customized t-shirt by giving them to their partners, representatives or loyal consumers.


T-shirt Study


A smart brand will make sure that you have your back covered :).