Fold the speakers and take them with you!

Made of full colour printed cardboard and without requiring battery charge, the foldable speakers are an efficient and creative giveaway for the campaigns that use promotional products.
This customization technique offers a generous printing area comparing with classic speakers made of plastic that can be customised only by pad printing in a limited printing area.
The fact that the product can be delivered folded reduces the transportation and storage costs, an advantage that is valued especially for mailing campaigns and events that need large quantities of promotional products.
From the point of view of the user, the advantage is the light weight and small size thanks to folding option. All these make out of those speakers a handy product.


The surface of the speakers is 100% full-colour printable and besides that, the box in which the speakers are packed can be also customised by full-colour printing.

Useful and original, the foldable speakers set will be for sure a nice surprise for your collaborators or your employees.