Colored promotional products

The biggest trade fairs and promotional products conventions in the world took part in the first half of 2015 and highlighted trends that we already know. Yet, there are some directions to success that are not included in this category, but that also have a major impact on success.

Neon colours are one of the top preferences for the retail fashion. It was about time for this trend to get the attention of the promotional products industry. Even that at first sight, the idea of incorporating neon colours in the marketing mix sounds a bit intimidating, we can assure you that we can find a solution so the idea can have the desired impact and distinguish yourself from your competitors. The secret is to adapt the message to what you discovered enchants your customers.

The spring is almost here so we’re saying that it’s the time to plan unique campaigns and reinvent yourself. To go with neon colours we suggest gadgets, fabrics and accessories.

For more ideas contact us! Here are some suggestions: