Branded power bank – the most appreciated promotional gadget

All you need to know about a branded power bank

No matter the naming – power bank, external battery, power station, portable battery – , this product was always the most appreciated customized promotional gadget. The consumers appetite for technology is visibly elevated and easily understandable in an era of daring changes so rapidly developing in this field.

Brands – not only those IT, software and adjacent businesses related – have been adjusting towards confirming their affinity for modern and high-tech products, even regarding the promotional objects, proving they acknowledge what their clients want in this speeding era of science and technology.

According to a 2016 global study conducted by ASI – Advertising Specialty Institute, 60% of those who receive a powerbank from a company are more inclined towards using the company`s products and 87% would keep that powerbank, considering it a very useful object.

The promotional products industry is keeping up with the technology, so you will find in our offer the most recent models of external batteries, in a wide range of designs and capacities. We have developed a small guide to select the most suitable types for your future marketing campaigns.

How do we choose a powerbank – selection criteria

When we have decided to promote our brand by offering a personalized powerbank, there a a few features which are best to be considered in choosing the fitting model:

  1. Charging type

    – electrical – the most common type, with a wide range of prices, models and sizes. The standard power cord has an USB or micro USB port, allowing laptop powering; for Apple products, if the powerbank doesn`t have a factory fitted power cord, you can buy a 3-in-1 cable which includes the specific Apple charging port, besides the usual ports for tablet and smartphone. – solar powerbank (these ones have, usually, the option of electrical charging type option too) – a tangible statement of supporting environmental protection by the company and even they have smaller charging capacities, they are more attractive especially for the customers using renewable energy.

  2. Capacity

We choose this considering the destination and the event. We have dedicated a special chapter below for the capacity alternatives and what does a certain powerbank power mean.

  • Functionality

    – simple, easy to handle and to store

–  multifunctional: includes other functionalities besides external battery

  • The design

Serious, simple, elegant or provocative, the powerbank`s design will add up to the attractive features appreciated by your customers. We have highlighted further down in the article few ideas concerning the importance of the battery design.

  • Branding method

It is primarily determined based on the material which the powerbank case is made of: metal, ABS, polyester, aluminium, soft touch surface, porous surface, ribbed / embossed. Find more details in the branding chapter.

2500 powerbank

Powerbank capacity – What does mAh mean – Lifespan

As any other accumulator, the powerbank has some specific features: capacity, lifespan, component materials. The component materials are electrochemical that allow the loading and storage of electrical energy: nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel metal (Ni-MH), lithium ion or lithium polymer (Li- Li-Po). The capacity of a battery – in our case, powerbank – is measured in mAh (milliamps / hour) and represents the total electrical energy it can store or supply. Capacity ranges from 1000-1200 mAh, charging about 50% of a smartphone battery up to 10,000-15,000 mAh or even 20,000 mAh, with multiple ports for simultaneous power up of multiple devices. The lifespan represent the number of loading / unloading cycles. Manufacturers generally specify between 300 and 500 cycles, their actual number being influenced by how the battery is used: resuming charging after a full download (instead of about 80%), keeping powerbank at higher temperatures or strong moisture, all this reduces the gadget`s lifespan.

What capacity is needed to power up a smartphone or a tablet?

The following graphic representation shows us how many devices can be charged using a 100% loaded powerbank until it`s fully unloaded:



Design – why is it important

Usually, promotional products are ”forgiven” for the lack of spectacular design features, but brands should not be reluctant in choosing a special and attractive design, fully integrated in company`s business perspective. With a simple design, a funny one, a daring or futuristic one, or – why not – a retro image, the powerbank is not just a energy resource, but a creativity messenger. It is very important to choose the most appropriate design for your campaign message.

The size of the gadget is another aspect it should be taking into account: to whom it is addressed, the delivery and distribution being details which require fitted powerbank sizes.

Multifunctional powerbank

There are on the market, for the time being, products as a simple portable battery up to 2-in-1, 3-in-1 gadgets, with multiple incorporated features: electronic travel scale, phone stand, mirror, lamp, radio, speaker etc. One can choose a big capacity powerbank with no other additional functionalities but which can power up multiple devices at once, or one can opt in for satisfying several needs of the future users, by choosing a multifunctional product.


powerbank - radio si bluetooth speaker

You can choose the option of the powerbank integrated in other objects` design or setting up sets of gifts by adding some other useful tech products:


A giveaway main feature is the branding with the company logo. If the surface of the powerbank allows it, it is possible to insert a short powerful message, meaningful to the marketing campaign, or the easily identifiable company`s catchphrase. The advantage of personalizing a powerbank, as well as for any other promotional product, is the progressive public attention and logo noticing from an increasing number of people, with lower cost comparing to other forms of advertising.

We will choose the material of which the powerbank is made of considering its future personalization:

  • aluminium casing – laser engraving branding (embossed, no colors) or pad printing (one or more colours)
  • ABS (plastic) – pad printing, doming (applying epoxy resin on a full colour printing, obtaining a 3D surface with magnifying glass effect), digital printing
  • soft touch surface – pleasant touch, more restrictive for printing but with a special effect for the user – pad printing
  • embossed surfaces, geometrical or ribbed patterns – for this kind of surfaces, counting themselves as a special feature, customization is usually made on the plane areas or on the packaging
  • full colour printing – this type of personalization creates a special effect by rendering a multitude of colours of an image

powerbank - print policromie

A consultant of our company will advise you on the best way to get attention by offering a personalized powerbank, depending on your campaign theme, budget and deadline.


Safety in use

A portable battery sold within the European Union has to comply with EU directives on this type of product. Safe Use Certification is written by the manufacturer on the product with the ”CE Marking ” logo.



  1. Depending on the capacity, you can power up half of a phone (1000 mAh) up to 6-7 times a phone and 2 times a tablet (18.000-20.000 mAh), in one single cycle of powerbank loading/unloading.
  2. Before the first use, charge the powerbank to full capacity, the batteries are coming out below 50% from the factory.
  3. Never let unused the powerbank loaded on less than 20-30%, any complete unloading of the battery shorts its lifespan.
  4. Lifespan of a powerbank – according to manufacturers – is somewhere between 300 and 500 completed cycles. This means from 1 1/2 years up to 2 1/2 – 3 years depending on manufacturer and if the conditions of use and storage are correctly followed by users.
  5. A powerbank can have other functionalities besides charging. Ask a promotional product consultant about the multifunctional powerbank offer.
  6. A powerbank can be customized in various ways, we can advise you in choosing the most appropriate one, considering the campaign time and budget.
  7. The branded powerbank is the most appreciated promotional gadget!