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Gadgets, memory sticks or mugs: successful promotional products

Promotional products are a popular choice for marketing and communication campaigns. Now that the internet allows us to check the result of our campaigns very easily, it’s a shame not to take advantage and promote our products and services using this efficient way.

A BPMA study (British Promotional Merchandise Association) identifies those promotional products which are the most popular amongst consumers. Comparing to other studies which refers most to the American continent, this one analyses the responses of the European consumers and proves that there is a positive relation between promotion through promotional products and the improvement of the brand recognition. According to the results, the campaigns who use promotional products are followed by a significant increase in sales. Beside the increase of the brand notoriety and sales, this way to promote has a better ROI index than classical ways (TV, radio, print)

The study was conducted on a sample of 15,000 people and the main conclusions were:

  • 66% of the respondents declared that they can remember the brand imprinted on the promotional objects they received in the last year
  • 79% declared their will to buy from the brand that gave them the gift
  • 87% of the respondents are keeping the promotional objects more than a year since they receive it
  • 56% confessed that their opinion about the company changed positively since they received the gift

As the chart below shows, the respondents declared that their favorite products are electrical items, USB sticks and mugs.


Obiecte promotionale populare


87% of the respondents are keeping the objects more than a year since they get it, and 30% up to 4 years. The longer it is kept, the more impact this has on the receiver and the people around it. Pointedly, 94% are saying that they know the name of the company and the brand who gave them the promotional gift and that the mugs are the most used and kept.

It can be noted that office objects are of more interest, by example: pens, notebooks, post-its’; or gadgets with a higher utility: Memory sticks, power banks, etc.

Promotional objects may influence the buying behaviour. Many consumers declared their willing to change the brand that they are regularly buying just to receive a promotional gift from their brand competitors.




To have a successful promotional product, first choose the ideal level of utility and take account of its compatibility with your brand.

Promotional products well chosen for your campaigns will increase the level of brand recognition and will have a measurable impact on the sales. We want to help you make the right decisions and give you our support and inspiration that you need to make a good impression.

Source: BPMA Industry research 2013