Christmas Mugs

Decorated mugs for a Christmas smile

Winter holidays were always the most awaited time of the year when – besides gifts  we share unforgettable moments with the ones we love.

Engaging in building these memories for each and everyone who stood by you during the past year it`s an important event. A funny or a stylish customised mug, carefully packed in a gift box, is the adequate object for emphasising this moment and for creating and enhance the attachment to all what your brand states and represent.

Mugs are among the most used and retained promotional items. Their impact is even more increased as they are used daily, always in the eyesight of the recipient and those around him. Their customization can be performed directly by decalcomania or by creating special gift sets. Mugs can be joined, on a festive note, by compliment cards, personalised coasters, seasonal sweets, various accessories for tea and coffee (flavoured tea sets, infusers, personalised boxes of tea or coffee).

The diversity of mugs allows any budget: porcelain – for a more generous budget,ceramic – for reduced budgets. Carefully and properly packaged, they can be delivered safely to all your partners.

In bright colours or in a delicate snow-white, with an attractive design, a decorated mug will be everyone`s favourite at home or at the office!