Sport and brand promotion

It`s easy to understand why the impact of promotional products in sports it`s a more interesting matter during an important sports competition, such as European Football Championship. Our suggestions aim brands directly involved in organising sports competitions, as much as those who try to stand by their employees and business partners by promoting sport, health, competitive spirit and last but not least, relaxation and fun.

 Which are the suitable promotional objects to draw sports lovers attention?

  • sports clothing: caps, technical t-shirts, softshell jackets, sport pants
  • personalised textiles: bags, totes, scarves, bandanas, cuffs / elbow pads / knee pads
  • sports bags and backpacks, sports drawstring or zipper bags, made of waterproof or water repellent fabrics
  • bottle , thermos, mug and all kind of accessories (covers, clips, bicycle bottle mount), collapsible water pouches, ice-cube trays
  • various accessories with sport-related design or customised as such: keychains, silicone bracelets, mini-flashlights, bottle openers, fans, lanyards, magnets, coasters
  • office promotional objects: notebooks, themed designed pens, post-it, anti-stress balls, mobile phone stands
  • gadgets: watches, chronometer, pedometers, activity tracker, mp3 player, headphones / earbuds, power banks
  • promotional objects for supporters: inflatable sticks, whistles, balloons, trumpets, rain ponchos, hats, caps, half cap visors, sunglasses
  • personalised funny objects for adults and children: kite, frisbee, yo-yo
  • special promotional products: chocolate, lollipops, drops with a sport-themed design, sustainable products such as grass seeds in a specially designed package, temporary personalised tattoos

People of all ages are giving increased attention to physical activities and sports. Reckoning this gives you perspective in building an efficient and responsible marketing campaign, with a memorable user experience.

Tatuaje promotionale temporare / Temporary promotional tattoos