Prodir QS Stone

Prodir QS Stone – more mineral, less plastic


When the Swiss designers from Prodir – the renowned writing tool company – created the new QS Stone ballpoint pen, their main goal was to obtain a material that would use as little plastic as possible.

The new material has minerals that have replaced up to 60% of the old plastic structure. QS Stone became a solid ballpoint pen, its weight increased by 50%. This did not spoiled their elegance, but rather increased it.





The material with the mineral component is currently found as an option only on models QS01, QS20 and QS30.

The QS Stone model is elegantly accessorized with a satin metallic clip, available in five colours. The pen body, the part containing the mineral material, is produced in 8 colour variants, 4 metallic tones – Gold, Copper, Silver, Graphite – and 4 colours with names inspired from mineral kingdom – White Dolomite, Black Carbon, Red Quartzite and Blue Cobalt.

And another novelty: the entire Prodir pen range now benefits from the standard Floating Ball lead free refill, including the mineral structure models. One more reason to be selected by any sustainable brand as a premium quality promotional writing tool.



To choose the most suitable colour and structure, it helps us – as usual – the configurator created by the Swiss manufacturer.

Using the online app that Prodir created on their website, one can easily configure the desired QS Stone ballpoint pen. As we previously stated, you can have the mineral material option only for 3 models of the Prodir pens range: QS01, QS20, and QS30.

Send us your chosen configuration and one of our consultants will create a quotation for you.

Congrats, Prodir, for inovating on the road towards ”Less plastic”!