Rain ponchos and umbrellas: a useful customizable gift

pelerine ploaie


Keep contact with your clients, business collaborators and employees offering them a branded rain poncho or an umbrella. Always useful in any circumstance, whether in the city or on holiday, the personalized rain ponchos and umbrellas will highlight your brand to a wide audience, in a long exposure.

By doing this, you will secure your clients` recognition with customizable promotional products fit for any budget: low, medium, premium, depending on product`s lifespan and features.


1. Rain ponchos



An appropriate object in the city, as well as on a festival, on a trip, at an outdoor show, the rain poncho is easy to carry, with very small volume when folded, and the branding can go either on the poncho, or on packaging pouch.

You can customize it using pad printing or screen printing, depending on material. Get in touch with a specialist to find the most appropriate branding methods for this type of product.


Something different than ponchos, but they protects vey well against the rain and wind: thin raincoats with hood and pockets, very useful on a construction site too.






2. Umbrellas

A much appreciated promotional object, umbrella has always been attractive to brands, no matter the company`s size or advertising budget, the industry or the number of customers or business collaborators who are about to receive it.

A product with a long lifespan, specially when high quality is the main feature, with wide exposure and varios advertising possibilities, umbrella is the kind of useful object that anyone is happy to accept, welcoming the gift and recall the company initiating such a campaign.

The examples below highlight the variety of models, colours and branding methods:



Any of them will be your choice for a next campaign, rain ponchos or umbrellas, they will have a significant positive impact in maintaining open the connection between your customers and your brand.