custom candy

Sweets in all colours, flavours and …customizations

We have told you here about personalised sweets. After making you craving for biscuits and chocolate, today we are going to talk about individually wrapped candies with custom packaging.

Psychological factor has a key role in marketing. The companies offering personalized candies as promotional products are well aware of it and are using it in their favour.

We often consider candies as a childhood prerogative. Representative for multi-sensory marketing, sweets are useful in a campaign engaging the playful spirit of consumers, both kids and adults. The charm of sweets goes beyond the age of candy covers collection 🙂


Anyone receiving this special promotional product can find his favourite flavour, considering the wide variety:

  • fruits flavours – raspberry, strawberry, kiwi, pineapple, forest fruits, apple, orange, lemon etc.
  • exotic flavours – licorice, chili, eucalypt
  • mixed flavours – chocolate/mint, peanut/vanilla cream, mixed fruits

For those chocolate loyal, there are alternatives made of white or black chocolate, whole nut chocolate sweets or chocolate with peanut cream filling.

The individual customizable candy wrapping gives the promotion potential. The wrapping consist in a small bag or foil (white, transparent or with metallic effect), colour customized and with a tailored message.

There are also healthy alternatives for companies promoting a sweet but healthy lifestyle:

  • flavour and additives free candies, made of fruit puree
  • sugar-free candies – various flavours

Offering individually wrapped personalized candies will always be a nice surprise, generating a pleasant experience for the targeted audience.