A good day starts with a cup of coffee

On 1st of October 2015, International Coffee Day will be celebrated for the first time. Why is this a special event? Countries around the world have their very own day to celebrate the drink that sets us in motion (USA – for example- celebrated it on September 29th), but this time, the celebration will be international.

The decision was made by The International Coffee Organization (ICO), the organisation of which Romania takes part as a country who imports coffee. To mark this moment, at the same time with the Universal Exposition, Milan City (Italy) will be hosting The Global Coffee Forum between September 30 and October 1.

Most of us enjoy the benefits of coffee and despite the flavour or strength, everybody has a drinking ritual of his own. The proper promotional product for this moment of the day is, of course, a mug. A mug that can become your favourite.   coffee mugs gif

The advertising campaigns chose mugs to go with their strategy because of the frequent usage, permanent exposure in everyday life and even aesthetic value, judging by some special mugs designs. cani Leaving the advantages of promotional products aside – brand awareness, massive promotion with low costs and so on – a branded mug can create a particular occasion to transform the customers attachment to an object into a real connection with the brand itself. You can profit from this remarkable feature by offering mugs to both your employees and your business partners.

Happy International Coffee Day !