fidget spinner - spinning on hand

In trend: Fidget Toys | Fidget Spinner – 2017 toy of the year [1]

In December 2016, Forbes magazine published a story in which the Fidget Spinner was declared ”the must-have office toy for 2017”. The toy raised a real attention wave globally since the begining of the year and it is sold now in many other shapes and designs besides the classical, trilobated one.

How this all started?

Fidget Spinner – with a slightly different design comparing to the trending one today – has been created in the nineties in USA by Catherine Hettinger. After obtaining the patent, she tried to collaborate with a big US toy company which unfortunately rejected her ideea as unprofitable. Her patent expired in 2005. The idea of a spinning toy reemerged in 2014 when, according to his own statement, Scott McCoskery invented Torqbar, a spinner which kept his nervous fingers stand still during the business meetings. In 2016, along with a friend, he filled a provisional patent application. The toy popularity increased mainly because of it was simple and easy-to-use, also because of the relaxing and stress relieving benefits (without being backed up by specialty studies, though) and the increasing numbers of materials and shapes and how-to-use web tutorials.

Fidget Spinner customized with your brand logo

Brands can easily benefit from this trend and include in their marketing campaigns – dedicated either to kids or adults – personalized spinners with the company`s logo. Spinners can be toys for the kids and anti-stress objects for the adults in the workplace. Spinners can be customized using pad printing or doming. Certain materials can be full colour personalized, adding a surprising touch to the toy as a promotional product. They can be coloured in metallic colours or they can be customized on all their lobes if the shape allows it.

Spinners – Promotional objects for multisensory marketing

From the classical trilobated model to the models with 2-4 or more lobes, up to the most surprising  designs, Fidget Spinner became the kids favourite in just half year. And more, the adults themselves became addicted to the apparently relaxing feel that spinners use seemed to offer.

Some models are boldly inspired from successful movies or TV series:

You can find now fluorescent models, steampunk, with incorporated LED system or bluetooth speaker, proving that the Fidget Spinner – initially just a simple anti-stress toy – has already become a star gadget!

Multifunctional spinners

Starting with the idea in mind of mixing usefulness with something to play with, and to give to your customers and business partners an innovative version of this trending promotional product, you can use in your projects multifunctional spinners, such as: spinner-marker, spinner-USB hub or the spinner with USB cables, all customizable:

Do you need additional details? Do you wish suggestions regarding the most suitable model for your campaign? Do you have in mind more branding possibilities and you haven`t decided yet which one is the winner? Write us or give us a call and a Lexonn consultant will be at your service for any clarification or suggestion you might need.