Power banks buyer’s guide

Power any time you need it!

The perfect solution to ensure that all your gadgets are ready for a walk, fully charged.

Here are the main characteristics that you have to consider when you choose this kind of product:

1. Size:


Even the first power banks on the market were pretty big, now, once with the technological boom, we can find small, light and with a nice design products. Ladies can easily fit them into their purses and men can keep it in their suitcases and laptop bags.



2. Functionality:

Considering how fast new functions are developed for the gadgets we use everyday, a simple design is exactly what we need. Power banks can be activated by pressing a simple button and one or more LEDs show us for how long we can use them. Take advantage of the time that you spend at home or in the office and charge your power bank by laptop or by outlet.


3. Power:

The capacity of a power bank can be measured with mAh, exactly like the batteries of our devices (smartphones, tablets, etc). Those ranges from 1500 mAh to 15 000 mAh and depending on the device, they can fully charge your phone or just partially. The most wanted power banks are 2200 or 2600 mAh.

Regarding the actual power, measured in power cycles of the battery, herewith you can see exactly how many devices you can charge with a certain power bank. A 2200 mAh can charge a smart phone completely while a 5000 or 10 000 mAh can charge 3 to 5 smart phones or even a tablet.

It’s very important to express your expectations about the power capacity of the power bank you want so you’ll get the right recommendations.






4. Charging cable:

A USB – micro USB cable is standard for most products of this type. This is used to charge your device and it can be charged by computer or outlet. For Apple devices, you can use the standard Apple charging cable or you can use a 3 in 1 or 4 in 1 cable, compatible with Iphone 4, Iphone 5 and Nokia.



5. Brand ambassador:

As a promotional product, a power banks can successfully promote a brand image and, comparing with other seasonal products or with a lower lifespan, using a power bank to promote, you can be sure that many people will see your logo. This is a rising trend, many people enjoying the utility of power banks.



6. CE certification

CE is a mandatory mark for a certain category of products that are sold on the territory of the European Union, since 1985. That can be found even on products that are manufactured outside the EU territory, if these are made to be sold in EU. All of these, are making the mark famous in the whole world.

In conclusion, the CE mark is the producers’ statement that the products are manufactured according to the EU laws.

Power Banks became a must have accessory for many of us. It helps us to continue work on our smart devices even when we don’t have an outlet in nearby.


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