Redefine your brand identity with the New Identity Pen from Prodir


Promotionals are the most convenient messenger for brand identity. Prodir stays committed to create writing instruments which reflects brand`s personality.

The new 2018 model – DNA The new identity pen – multiplies the combinations available by partitioning the pen`s body in 4 components with different materials, colours and textures.



This extremely versatile model is intended for brands who wish to communicate a powerful message to their clients and collaborators. Along with the pen`s body partitioning, the number of customizable surfaces is increasing.


New elements

The Identity Pen assemble in one writing instrument almost all Prodir textures: matt, polished, 3D, soft touch. There are unexpected material options too: wood rings, along the usual plastic or metal components. Metallic component is also new for the pen`s body, it has been used before as option only for button, clip or nose cone.

This new model`s customization can be simulated as well by using the Prodir configurator on manufacturer helps the users suggesting initial patterns depending on the desired colors, the feeling they want to express, the favorite material, from which they can modify the patterns. But you can make the desired combination from the button to the nose cone.

You will offer your collaborators an unique writing instrument in the closest configuration to your brand identity, and the ability to portray their own image about your brand by switching the elements on the pen`s body.


Over 60 components you can mix creating the most spectacular Prodir writing instrument: DNA – The new identity pen!