Textile promotional bag

Textile promotional bag – trends for 2018

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Textile promotional bag has always been in the top mos appreciated customizable objects. It`s recognition came from a multitude of positive features:

=> relatively low cost

=> utility

=> many designs, materials, colours

=> many opportunities of customizations with a logo / message / image

=> ideal for green marketing campaigns



Personalizing and offering as giveaway a natural fiber bag will continue to be a trend in 2018, sustained by the Romanian legislation stipulating an interdiction for import and commercialization of thin (under 50 microns) and very thin (under 15 microns) plastic bags with handle, starting from 1st of July this year.

It is a good time for companies wishing to re-affirm their environmental footprint principles and to include marketing in sustainability policy. By customizing a textile bag with their own logo or with a promotional message, they can help educate the public about ways to reduce pollution.


sacosa personalizata


1. Textile bag designs

You can choose from a wide assortment of designs, with different shapes and volumes: classical shopping bags, gift bags, special container bags etc.


2. Fabric types

The fabric type is important on the matter of reducing pollution. For companies that want to avoid using plastic bags (even biodegradable ones), it is advisable to choose natural cotton bags: plain cotton, cotton canvas, jute or any combinations of natural fiber fabrics.



3. Handles, accesories and closure types

Depending on their purpose, bag`s handles can be short, medium or long (for carrying on the shoulder). You can choose a combination of two types of handles, for a more versatile promotional object.

Bags can have a large, unfastened opening, as the classic ones, of thin cotton or the rigid jute bags, or they can have a zip closure or a fastening with decorative buttons for an elegant design.

Addition of an interior or exterior pocket is always useful. Some bags can be accessorized with wood or bamboo handles, especially the ones made of jute.



4. Ecological certification

Sustainable marketing campaigns will be endorsed by the promotional objects made of certified materials. The presence of any label like the ones below is a warrant of the quality of these materials.



5. Personalization

The potential customization depends on the chosen fabric. Textile bags can be screen printed, embroidered, or can have attached printed or embroidered labels. Here are a few examples of customized bags:




If you have decided to take advantage of this opportunity and you wish to include a personalized promotional textile bag in your promotional portfolio, all you have to do is to choose the design, the fabric, the colour and the accessories and your marketing campaign is good to go!

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