Trends in 2015

2014 was the year in which the companies focused on creating a bond with the customers. They developed campaigns that made the customer interact with their brand, they customized the services that they got or made the brand indispensable to their everyday-life.

5 promotional products highlighted in the past year:

1. 3D printed objects 3D

printing was an ever-increasing trend since it started and became noisy in 2014. Globally, the promotional products manufacturers started to use this technique as a very useful one for small quantities demands. By 3D printing unique objects, the companies achieved their goal to became more personal to the client.

2.  Power banks

In 2014 power banks were a must have. Power banks are available in different shapes, colours, capacity and sizes which help the company to adapt their needs to any budget and brief.

3. Custom made products

We adapted to the requirements and needs of customers and we came up with innovative solutions that raised the profile of our clients’ brands. Thanks to technology and trusted suppliers, we held successful campaigns for our clients and came up with fresh ideas and product that delighted the customers, starting with the suppliers to the final consumer.

4. Notebooks

Together with the small notebooks and hard cover notebooks, they started to gain ground and get to the top of the customers preferences in the past year, with increasing demand. Even if the digital era is taking over our lifestyle, this kind of product is still appreciated and wanted.

5. Full colour printing

The customers wishes to buy promotional products that are interesting and high quality led us to the idea of full colour printing. This left traditional printing behind and allowed us to be more creative. This freedom has brought us nice projects and opened the way to successful campaigns for our clients.

In 2015 we keep most of the trends of 2014 but we add the optimization and efficiency of the promotional products selection process. In short, here are some examples:

1. Useful products

Utility, utility, utility. Useful promotional products are the top of preferences, no matter the activity field of the company.  That it ensure the success.

2. Eco-friendly

Eco-friendly products are an important statement for any brand with well defined values. The impact on the environment is always to the attention of the customer and if the product is also useful, for sure we will have a positive feedback.

3. Power banks 2.0

Power banks are still new in the world of promotional products. This year the emphasis is on portability and power but also on price. Search for the best price/quality ratio, but don’t forget to check also charging capacity. A 5000 mAh power bank will also charge your tablet, not only your phone.

4. Traveling accessories

We’re talking about any portable and useful object that is indispensable for travels, even it’s a business trip or just a vacation: backpacks or laptop bags, travel bags, thermoses, insulating mugs or bottles, plane kits, solar chargers and any product that can make our life easier on our way home.

5. 3D imprinted objects

To the point that the technology of printers allows us to imprint the promotional objects to a higher quality, we predict an era where “sold out” stocks will increasingly disappear.